"MSF is accountable and actively transparent to those we assist, our donors and the wider public"

La Mancha Agreement, Athens, 2006

In 2006, at the landmark La Mancha meeting, MSF agreed to seek active transparency and accountability to improve the relevance, effectiveness and quality of its interventions. The result has been an increased investment in developing evaluation capacity in the organisation. 

The Intersectional Evaluation Group (IEG) consists of three units based in Vienna, Stockholm, and Paris, who together meet the evaluation needs within MSF. Enquires can be directed to the individual offices below.

MSF Austria - Vienna Office

Taborstrasse 10,
1020, Vienna

+43 (0)1 409 72 76 58


Alena Koscalova
Director of the Vienna Evaluation Unit (Vienna) alena.koscalova@vienna.msf.org

Vladimir Najman
Evaluation Manager (Vienna)

Tonka Eibs
Evaluation Manager (Vienna)

Dr. Doris Burtscher
Medical Anthropologist and Qualitative Researcher (Vienna)

Monika Stumpf-Hulsroj
Administration Officer (Vienna)


MSF Sweden - Stockholm Office

Fredsborgsgatan 24, 4th floor / Box 47 021
SE-100 74 Stockholm

+46 10 199 32 00


Malik Allaouna (interim)
Manager of the Stockholm Evaluation Unit (Geneva)

Boris Stringer (on leave)
Manager of the Stockholm Evaluation Unit (Stockholm)

Tim McCann
Evaluation Referent (Stockholm)

Eva Rocillo
Medical Evaluation Referent (Geneva)

Yann Libessart 
Evaluation Referent (Stockholm) yann.libessart@msf.org

Kristen Begue (on leave)
Evaluation Referent (Mobile) kristen.begue@msf.org

Mia Lundkvist
Coordinator of Stockholm Evaluation Unit (Stockholm) mia.lundkvist@msf.org