"Good evaluation is essential for real organisational learning and accountability. We need well managed processes to make good evaluations a reality in MSF."

Sabine Kampmüller, Former Head of Vienna Evaluation Unit


The Intersectional Evaluation Group (IEG) consists of three units based in Vienna, Stockholm, and Paris, who together meet the evaluation needs within MSF. Enquires can be directed to the individual offices below.

MSF Austria - Vienna Office

Taborstrasse 10,
1020, Vienna

+43 (0)1 409 72 76 58


Mzia Turashvili
Director of the Vienna Evaluation Unit (Vienna)

Hugues Juillerat
Evaluation Manager (Sydney)

Tonka Eibs
Evaluation Manager (Vienna)

Dr. Doris Burtscher
Medical Anthropologist and Qualitative Researcher (Vienna)

Sandra Bauer
Managing Editor Evaluations (Vienna)

Jutta Pölz
Administration Officer (Vienna)

MSF Sweden - Stockholm Office

Fredsborgsgatan 24, 4th floor / Box 47 021
SE-100 74 Stockholm

+46 10 199 32 00


Boris Stringer
Manager of the Stockholm Evaluation Unit (Stockholm)

Tim McCann
Evaluation Referent (Stockholm)

Eva Rocillo
Medical Evaluation Referent (Geneva)

Paris Office

8 Rue St Sabin,
75018, Paris, France

+33 1 40 21 27 30

Vienna Office

A-1020 Vienna
Taborstrasse 10

+43 (0)1 409 72 76