This publication was produced at the request of MSF OCP, under the management of the Stockholm Evaluation Unit. It was prepared independently by Corinne Danet, Marie-Laure Le Coconnier, and Vincent Brown.

Measles epidemics occur in Katanga (KTA)/DRC, challenging early response strategies for outbreak control. In 2015, despite MOH delay in declaring the epidemic, OCP present in KTA, showed good reactivity in 5 Health Zones (HZ) of Ht Lomami with a so called “vertical” response (focused on measles: vaccination and case management). However, malaria and malnutrition should have been better considered (OCG chose a “3 diseases strategy”). The 6 to 8 weeks long vaccination campaigns were efficient as the ZS outbreaks stopped after a few weeks. As well, lobby and advocacy efforts should continue with a clearer strategy (OCP and MSF movement). OCP should be more proactive with initial/epidemiological investigations. A true career path policy (HR) for its national personnel should be maintained.