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Since Kyrgyzstan is one of the 27 high multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) burden countries listed by the WHO, MSF started a drug-resistant tuberculosis project in Kara Suu District in 2012. A qualitative study was undertaken to understand the perception of TB and DR-TB in order to improve the effectiveness and acceptance of the MSF intervention and to support advocacy strategies for an ambulatory model of care.

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This article was written by Doris Burtscher on behalf of the MSF Vienna Evaluation Unit.

Anthropological study of community-based perception of TB and DR-TB, Kara Suu, Osh, Kyrgyzstan

Doris Burtscher

At a time when the history of our AIDS missions is compelling us to formulate new goals, it seemed appropriate to assemble these historical and anthropological studies of our past experiences. This cahier includes: AIDS: A New Pandemic Leading to New Medical and Political Practices - AIDS: from initiating treatment to fostering patient loyalty - Cultural stereotypes and the health seeking behavior of HIV/AIDS patients in Homa Bay, Kenya - “Social Navigation” and HIV/AIDS.

Joan Amondi, Jean-Hervé Bradol, Vanja Kovacic, Elisabeth Szumilin

Overcome barriers to access PMTCT services in Homa Bay District, Kenya. This study explored barriers that prevent local communities of Homa bay area to fully uptake the PMTCT services. The most critical ones are: i.) poor quality of provision of these services, ii) poor perceived benefits of the ANC among communities, and iii.) poor community awareness on preventive methods of mother-to-child-transmission of HIV.

Vanja Kovacic, Mphil Medical Anthropology

Overcome barriers to access to HIV/AIDS care in Homa Bay District The main focus of this phase was to gain an insight into the motivating factors that enable patients to take HIV test early (before they get seriously sick) and compare their health-seeking behavior to the patients that access HIV care with progressed HIV-related symptoms.

Vanja Kovacic, Mphil Medical Anthropology

Overcome barriers to access to HIV/AIDS care in Homa Bay District The main focus of this phase was to gain an insight into the “patients’ health seeking behaviour” (steps that patients make when their health starts to deteriorate due to HIV related infections and reasons for their choice). In addition this report provides a broader communication with the community and their views on the effects of HIV/AIDS on their lives and potential improvements of the control programs in Homa Bay.

Vanja Kovacic, Mphil Medical Anthropology

Findings and recommendations for the MSF OCBA HIV/AIDS prevention program in Busia, Kenya

Doris Burtscher - Social and Medical Anthropologist - IEC Programme Advisor