Here is an overview of past training and events organized by MSF Evaluation Unit.


MSF INTERNATIONAL EVALUATION DAY 2017 - "Reflecting on Operational Challenges"

Summary of the sessions is available below

Session 1: MSF and HIV. End of an era, start of another

Session 2: Advocacy Impact in MSF


Welcome to the 2016 Evaluation Day from Amsterdam!

The recordings of the 3 sessions are below. The event begins on 29 mins into the first video. The Evaluation Units have summarised the main discussion points from the day below, however please note that these are not formal minutes, as there has been no process of validating and agreeing the content from all participants:


Atlantisplein 1


This year's 5th MSF International Evaluation Day was organised by MSF-OCBA and took place on 18 February 2015 in Barcelona. The aim of the event was to promote evaluations as a tool for learning and accountability and to present the findings of some of the most interesting evaluations recently conducted.


Centre De Cultura Contemporanea De Barcelona