Evaluation of the MSF OCBA Tembo project - poster

This poster summarizes the findings of the MSF Tembo programme evaluation. Tembo is a learning and development (L&D) environment of MSF Operational Centre Barcelona (OCBA), aiming to provide L&D opportunities to all MSF staff.

The purpose of the evaluation was to draw lessons learned from the implementation of the first phase of Tembo (2016-2020), to inform the development and implementation of the second phase (2020-2023). For this, the evaluation analysed different aspects of the programme in relation to criteria of relevance, appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency, and continuity.    

The evaluation was carried out by a team of four evaluation consultants from TRAASS International and Owl RE with the management and coordination support of the MSF Vienna Evaluation Unit.  

Document Author(s)
Sarah Grosso, Hugues Juillerat, Glenn O'Neil and Trevor O'Neil
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