In 2006, at the landmark La Mancha meeting, MSF agreed to seek active transparency and accountability to improve the relevance, effectiveness and quality of its interventions. The result has been an increased investment in developing evaluation capacity in the organisation. The Intersectional Evaluation Group (IEG) consists of three units based in Vienna, Stockholm, Paris who together meet the evaluation needs within MSF. The Vienna Unit additionally offers Social Sience Support with Anthropological Studies and qualitative research. Enquires can be directed to the individual offices below.


MSF Rider

Rider - Réseau Interdisciplinaire Dédié à l’Evaluation et au Retour d’expérience

RIDER is an interdisciplinary network bringing together MSF-OCP, Epicentre and the Crash. Its mission is to support MSF’s executive and associative branches in the production of rigorous and useful knowledge for action, using social sciences and epidemiology. Click here to find out more about us: RIDER - About us | MSF Intersectional Evaluation Group

Marianne Viot

Evaluation and Lessons-learned Manager (Paris) and Coordinator of the RIDER (Interdisciplinary Network for Evaluations and Lessons-learned Exercises)

Manal Shams Eldin

Epicentre Focal point (Paris)

Elba Rahmouni

Dissemination officer (Paris)

Michael Neuman

CRASH Focal point (Paris)

Judith Soussan

CRASH Focal point (Paris)


Stockholm Evaluation Unit (SEU)

The Stockholm Evaluation Unit (SEU) is the primary mechanism to support OCB in conducting evaluations of projects. It is based at MSF-Sweden headquarters and largely financed by both MSF-Sweden and MSF OCB.

As of 2023, the SEU consists of five full time employees: three Evaluation Managers who guide and manage evaluations of operational projects, the SEU Coordinator and the SEU Head of Unit. The Evaluation Managers all have MSF field experience, and each have an area of expertise (medical referent, methodology and organizational). The Coordinator provides administrative support during the evaluation, including in contracting evaluators and disseminating reports. The Head of the SEU is ultimately responsible for quality control and often the first point of contact to initiate an evaluation. While the SEU primarily supports external evaluations, we also support colleagues in other exercises that can contribute to driving quality, accountability and thinking on decision-making within the movement, such as internal reviews.

The SEU is accompanied by a Steering Committee (SC), which includes representatives from OCB-Ops (DirOps), Medical Department (DepMedDir), GD office (DepGD), OCB Board, MSF Sweden’s Board, and MSF-Sweden (GD). The SC is chaired by one of its members and meets quarterly. The SEU regularly reports to the OCB and MSF-Sweden Boards on activities and plans.

Linda Öhman

Head of the Stockholm Evaluation Unit 

Boris Stringer

Evaluation Manager (Methodology)

Eva Rocillo

Evaluation Manager (Medical)

Kristen Bègue

Simone Seebacher

Jacob Kuehn

Evaluation Officer

Gayathri Lindvall



The Vienna Evaluation Unit (VEU) with Anthropology creates timely and quality evidence to support informed decision-making in the MSF movement by offering services such as monitoring & evaluation, anthropology and social-science based research as well as capacity building.

Dr. Luis Villa, MPH

Director of the Vienna Evaluation Unit and 
Director Operational Support Unit

Stela Garaz, PhD

Evaluation Manager

Charlotte Oliveira, PhD

Dr. Bernhard Kerschberger, PhD

Doris Burtscher, PhD

Medical Anthropologist and Qualitative Researcher

Lina Amann, MA

Administration Officer