Evaluator for the MSF Geographical Information System Center


The GIS Centre [GC], constituted as an interOC Support Shared Service in January 21, is the evolution of the former GIS Unit (2013-20) absorbing the outcome of the geoMSF program (large scale TIC meant to scale up the GIS Unit, 2017-20).

The mandate given to the GIS Centre (see GIS Framework*) includes the following roles to be considered in the evaluation:

1. Expert role (advisorship),

2. Provider of Products & Services,

3. Coordinator of the GIS domain in the Movement.

These roles correspond to different scopes of responsibility (thus governance & accountability), functional and hierarchical links, and budget allocations.


The main purpose of the evaluation is to evaluate:

  • the added value of the GIS domain as a support to operations and sectors.
  • the 3 roles of the GIS Centre (mentioned at §1), in particular the one of service provider (operational model)
  • The model (institutional – organizational – financial)


  • A proposal containing an initial version of evaluation matrix and the expected budget1 (total estimated workload: 70 consultancy days)
  • A cover letter highlighting applicants’ experience with similar past assignments (max 1 page)
  • CV(s)

Applications should be sent to veuapplication@vienna.msf.org


Starting date: 01.03.2023

Application until: 24.02.2023 - 23:59