RfP: Thematic Evaluation of iCCM activities in MSF-OCB settings

man carrying a box on his head through a field
MSF/Isaac Buay (2023)


Starting date: May-June 2024

Duration of process: 6-7 months

Application must include: 1. A proposal describing how this evaluation is to be carried out (with the budget as a separate document), 2. CV(s), and 3. a written sample of previous work

Deadline: 0900hrs CEST (9am CEST) on May 6th, 2024

Submit application via email to: evaluations@stockholm.msf.org marked "ICMEV"

Note: The evaluation will require a site visit to the project, which will be planned during the inception phase, the Consultation Group, other key stakeholders and the SEU Evaluation Manager.

Download and read the terms of reference thoroughly before applying, see link below.

Call for proposals for a thematic evaluation on iCCM projects within MSF-OCB, requested by the medical department to better understand what is being implemented today in terms of iCCM activities in different locations, why, how, and with which results. Therefore, it is expected that the evaluation will provide an overview of how iCCM is being implemented into the projects, the success and challenges of these activities, and strategic recommendations for enhancing ICCM activities in existing and future OCB health interventions. The evaluation will contribute to nourish the development of MSF-OCB’s overall iCCM programming, and indirectly to inform further programming in the various locations included in evaluation scope.

Starting date: 27.05.2024

Application until: 06.05.2024 - 09:00

Job duration: 6-7 months