SEU Call for proposals: Evaluation of MSF's Humanitarian Hub in Brussels, Belgium

Young migrant checking a European map in the HUB.
Albert Masias/MSF (2018)

The Brussels Humanitarian Hub was established in 2017 in response to an influx of migrants and asylum seekers as well as a perceived lack of a response from the Belgian authorities. The HUB is currently run by a consortium of humanitarian organisations. The overall objectives remain unchanged although the Hub now aims to extend its services to any "people in situation of exclusion and without access to services". Through its consortium structure, its multidisciplinary approach, and the complementarity of services, the Hub is thought to represent a unique model for the reception, care, and orientation of people in a migrant situation. The purpose of this evaluation is to better understand the value of the Hub as model or approach, both to fine tune and adapt the approach as well as to generate evidence about what works, for who and under what circumstances. The evaluation is intended to be used by program managers and staff to fine tune, optimise, and adapt the operational strategy and approach. 

Starting date: 16.06.2023

Application until: 11.06.2023 - 23:59

Job duration: End of September 2023