“They eat it like sweets”: Perceptions of antibiotics and antibiotic-use of patients, prescribers and pharmacists in a district hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan

This report provides an analysis of the perception of antibiotics and antibiotic use in a district hospital in Kabul. The major findings will help to answer the following questions: how do patients, caretakers, doctors and pharmacists perceive antibiotics and antibiotic use? What do they know about medication in general and antibiotics specifically? For which illnesses do they take them and how do they use them? How do they recognise access to health care? Why do they come to Ahmad Shah Baba hospital? How do they perceive this health care facility and how do they see health personnel and their performance? What is the antibiotic seeking behaviour like? Who and what influences a decision? And how is antibiotic resistance driven?

Document Author(s)
Doris Burtscher and Rafael van den Bergh
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