Evaluation of MSF OCBA's COVID-19 Response in Spain


Spain and Italy were the epicentre in Europe with more than 245.000 cases and 27.136 confirmed deaths in Spain during the first wave of COVID-19. Having re-committed to ensuring the care of the most vulnerable in conflict zones and emergencies, MSF OCBA made the unprecedented decision to respond to the novel COVID-19 pandemic in Spain between March and May 2020.

MSF-OCBA’s response strategy worked towards reduction of primary and secondary disease transmission and excess morbidity and mortality through an intervention structured around four pillars: 

  1. advice and advocacy
  2. expansion of hospital capacity
  3. reinforcement of infection prevention and control (IPC) measures,  and
  4. knowledge management by supporting of the most vulnerable group, the elderly in nursing homes, and hospitals.

This evaluation sought to learn lessons from the unique first experience of intervening in one’s own country, and specifically to:

  • document the timeline and rationale for the intervention;
  • understand the added value of MSF’s contribution to the outbreak response;
  • analyse the response against OCBA’s current Strategy (Strategic Plan) and MSFs principles.

To access the full report, please contact directly Elena Sgorbati (OCBA HQ): elena.sgorbati@barcelona.msf.org 

Document Author(s)
Preliminary research: Rafael Arce Caparros, Caroline Bwango, Neelam Bhardwaj Tronchoni, Alexandra Molina Garcia, and collated and finalised by the MSF Vienna Evaluation Unit
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