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This evaluation examines the OCA’s response to the severe threat posed by Covid-19 to people everywhere, including in OCA’s offices; a threat that simultaneously jeopardised existing programming, carried the potential of a worldwide medical crisis, and disrupted core OCA habits in terms of travel, supply, transport, staffing, and security.
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Sustained high fatality during TB therapy amid…

Despite declining TB notifications in Southern Africa, TB-related deaths
remain high. We describe patient- and population-level trends in TB-related deaths in Eswatini over a period of 11 years.
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Improving The Availability & Use of SGBV Services…

MSF/Ghislain Massotte (2018)
Improving The Availability & Use of SGBV Services in Kananga Project in Central Kasai, DRC
- Phase 2 Evaluation report (in English and French)
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Evaluation du programme d'incitation basé sur la…

 CAR : A Forgotten Health Emergency
MSF/Julien Dewarichet
MSF OCB a soutenu la mise en œuvre d'un système de primes basé sur la performance (PBI pour performance based incentive) à l'hôpital de Bangassou, à partir de 2022.L’évaluation avait trois objectifs principaux: documenter la manière dont le système d'incitation basé sur les performances a été conçu et mis en place à l'hôpital de Bangassou ; identifier si les principaux objectifs du système de primes basé sur les performances ont été atteints ; et
déterminer ce qui a fonctionné et quels sont les domaines nécessitant des améliorations.
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Harnessing the hive mind - Review of the Global…

icon of our world
The Global Health Actors Network (GHAN) is made up of people working directly, or with an interest, in global health issues and actors within MSF. The network provides analysis and guidance on advocacy strategies, as a facilitator rather than a gatekeeper. It aims to improve information sharing and support for staff that interact with these actors and initiatives, and to improve MSFs understanding of the global health landscape and health policy trends.
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Evaluation of MSF Operational Centre Brussels'…

Close-up of a person wearing an MSF t-shirt with a stethoscope hanging around his neck (where the photo is cut so no face is visible)
Sebastian Bolesch (MSF-GE 2015)
The Field Recentralization Programme’s design, implementation and outcomes was the focus of the evaluation commissioned by OCB’s General Director and Director of Operations based on the work completed in Central and Southern Africa. A consultation group representing the Regional Support Groups in the Southern African Region and Central Afrixa, Middle-Eastern countries, catalyst team and OCB Board accompanied the evaluation.

The evaluation was implemented by an evaluation team led by Amjad Idries and managed by the SEU. Recommendations focused on suggestions that could enhance the programme design and implementation in the next phase, looking at, amongst other areas: Leadership, Governance, and Oversight; Programme implementation guidance and communication; and Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation. Download the full report below in English or the translated version in French. 
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Evaluation of the Hepatitis C Strategy in MSF's…

Pair of hands of MSF staff taking blood sample from a patient's arm for a PCR test.
Zahra Shoukat (MSF 2021)
As of 2020, there were an estimated 57 million people chronically infected with Hepatitis C virus (HCV) globally, with around 10% of these living in Pakistan. OCB has run an HCV project in Machar Colony Karachi since 2015. In 2020, the strategy for 2021-2024 was revised to build on the success and capitalize on earlier experience. This evaluation was conducted with the purpose to reflect and take stock of this revised strategic direction and the likelihood of its success within the given context.
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Evaluation of the Schools-Based Component of MSF's…

Everybody Breathes: Treating TB in Eshowe, South Africa
MSF/Tadeu Andre
This evaluation has a specific focus on lessons learned about the design and implementation of the school-based component of the Eshowe TB programme, conditions for success, enablers and challenges to identify considerations for replicability should MSF decide to implement a similar programme elsewhere in South Africa, or internationally.
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Evaluation of MSF-OCA's Mission to Uzbekistan, 2011…

Joost Van der Meer
Médecins sans Frontières Operational Centre Amsterdam (MSF OCA) has been working in Uzbekistan from the beginning of 1998 with a profile 
of running vertical, specialised medical projects, sometimes on a very advanced technical level. MSF runs its programme in close collaboration with the relevant institutes within the Uzbek Ministry of Health (MoH). MSF in Uzbekistan mainly works through the MoH in an advisory and supportive capacity.
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Evaluation of the AHD Project Component

MSF restarts HIV-related activities in Beira after the Cyclone Idai
Pablo Garrigos/MSF
Mozambique is one of the most severely affected countries by the HIV pandemic. The Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) – Operational Centre Brussels (OCB) HIV project in Beira started in 2014 as a project for migrants and key populations (KPs). This led to insights into the magnitude of the Advanced HIV Disease (AHD) issue that needed to be addressed. In 2018, MSF introduced an AHD component in the Beira Central Hospital (BCH) and in two health centres (Munhava and to a lesser extent, Ponta Gea). The AHD component covered MSF-run laboratory diagnostics and in-facility case management circuits. During the evaluation period, Cyclone Idai and COVID-19 restrictions were important external factors.
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