Burundi Assessment Report: Challenges faced by MSF to work and handover projects in transition settings

In September 2009, MSF carried out an assessment of two of its former projects in Karuzi (OCB) and Kinyinya (OCA), Burundi. These two projects were handed over to MOH in 2007 with significant investment from MSF in the handover processes. Following reports of the breakdown of healthcare after MSF’s departure and criticism on the way the handover of these two projects was managed, MSF wanted to assess the current situation in the two sites and document which, if any, handover strategies were successful and led to the continuation of MSF activities. The objective of the assessment is to inform and improve future handover strategies. Results should also be shared with other health actors in Burundi to minimise erroneous perception of MSF, share the current field situation and communicate in a transparent way about what MSF is willing to consider as part of future handover strategies in the country.

Document Author(s)
Frédérique Ponsar and Annie Désilets
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