Evaluation of handover: strategy implementation in two minds Report of the handover process and replicability of handover tool in Maputo Project, Mozambique Mission

This evaluation of the MSF OCB Maputo HIV/Aids Project aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the implementation phases of the MoH handover and related consequences to the continuity of patient care, and with the added objective to make clear recommendations towards improvements and replicability of the handover ‘tool’ itself. The report concludes that the dashdboard tool functioned reasonably well in illustrating the progress and complexity of the handover, however the tool was found to be limited in its design and application, particularly relating to the use of the monitoring indicators. There were difficulties in understanding if levels of care have been maintained since there was no baseline level defined. The biggest challenge related to the replacement and absorption of MSF staff in the health centres; however acceptable outcomes were said to have been achieved. Looking forward the evaluation urges MSF to define and highlight a supportive and innovative role in the next phase of the handover, stressing the MoH’s position of primary responsibility. Also, very clear and practical recommendations are made towards improving the dashboard as a handover tool, such as including qualitative indicators (like patient satisfaction and staff perspectives), as well as benchmarks aimed at fostering motivation towards ambitious end targets.

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Gerard Verbeek
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