Evaluation of MSF-OCB’s Ebola Interventions in DRC (2018-2020)

Operational in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Republic of Zaire) since 1977, a year after the Ebola viral strain was first identified (Yambuku, 1976), OCB teams have responded to every official outbreak in the country, with increasing assistance from other Operational Centres (OCs). 

At the highest level, this evaluation aims to contribute to OCB’s discussion of its identity and role as it engages with a changing world, now and into the future. The response in DRC to three successive outbreaks, and in particular the difficulties encountered during the larger and longer #10 outbreak in the Kivus and Ituri, pushed OCB to question its strategy, management, and approaches. 

The purpose is to help generate evidence-based proposals for improved scenarios and examples of ‘good practice’ for future Ebola outbreaks. More generally, these findings will contribute to ongoing discussions around the roles and work of the organization within a changing global landscape.

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