Evaluation of handover of care: Nchelenge, Zambia

MSF has been present in the Nchelenge region since 1998, when a program was started to provide health care to Angolan and Congolese refugees who had arrived in the region. The MSF project in Nchelenge District was started in April 2001 because of lack of access to HIV/AIDS care in an area with an HIV prevalence estimated at 16.5%. The objective was to achieve a high coverage of treatment and care, and at the same time provide a model for decentralised programs to bring HIV/AIDS treatment and care to all people in Zambia and for MSF Holland/OCA more widely. The aim of the evaluation was to document the HIV/AIDS care in place for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Nchelenge District, Zambia, 2 years after the handover of the program from MSF-OCA management, to the Ministry of Health, Zambia (MoH) and the Zambian Care, Prevention and Treatment Program//Family Health International (ZPCT/FHI).

Document Author(s)
Kamalini Lokuge, Robert Musopole and Mupundu Banda
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