Evaluation of the decentralisation strategy for HIV/TB care in Shiselweni, Swaziland: infection control through improved infrastructure

The main objective of the rehabilitation work was to support the decentralisation and integration strategy of HIV/TB services in the Shiselweni region by the improvement of infection control and provision of enough space to accommodate increased numbers of patients on treatment. This meant changing the layout and patient flow of the clinic(s) as well as increasing their storage capacity. The key aspect of this work was to create an efficient patient waiting area to avoid patient cross-contamination with TB in particular. This meant modifying the consultation rooms to induce air flow by way of whirlybirds, louvres or vents in the doors, and ensuring that all windows in the clinic(s) open easily. Then it needed to be ensured that waste management within the clinic(s) followed MSF standards and that a safe and sufficient water supply was supporting the clinic(s).
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Yannick Julliot
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