Evaluation of the decentralisation strategy for HIV/TB care in Shiselweni, Swaziland: Decentralisation model and outcome analysis

Five years after the initiation of an HIV/TB decentralisation and integration project in Shiselweni region of Swaziland, MSF Switzerland took the opportunity to retrospectively analyse its programme experience in the context of the high dual HIV/TB epidemic. The focus of the current report is to describe activities of the decentralisation model implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Swaziland and to analyse the health outcomes of the programmes in the wider public health context. Together with the other parts of the evaluation (literature review, perception study, cost-effectiveness analysis, construction activity and laboratory activity) it will contribute to the overall combined evaluation report highlighting different aspects of this complex humanitarian intervention with the purpose of learning and transferring lessons to other similar settings.
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Mzia Turashvili
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