Evaluation of the MSF CH TB project in penal sector , Kyrgyzstan - 4th to 8th October 2010

The evaluation analysed MSF intervention strategies of the TB project in the Penal sector of Kyrgyzstan by reviewing relevance, effectiveness and continuity. It assessed current challenges and shortcomings of the intervention in order to recommend new techniques and approaches for the year 2011 and beyond. The evaluation found out that along with the impressive achievements in effective TB treatment activities for inmates, improved infection control and innovative social components, some strategies related to co-morbidity treatment, post-release follow-up and monitoring systems needed much improvement. A common challenge and the key to success is the effective and coordinated collaboration between the diverse stakeholders involved in the health care of the penitentiary system. A detailed plan of action was elaborated by the teams based on the recommendations of the evaluation.

Document Author(s)
Gill Bradbury, Walli Wernhart, and Dr. A.Jamil Faqirzai
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