Evaluation of the MSF-OCB Emergency Response in Mali in 2012-2013 (FR)

This report finds that the overall legacy of MSF-OCB’s engagement in the dynamic and unpredictable context of the Mopti region of Mali as positive, highlighting a strong reputation based on an uninterrupted presence throughout the conflict. MSF-OCB has been widely recognised as an organisation that responded flexibly where there were demonstrated needs, as conflict flared and receded, access expanded or contracted. In particular, the great level of organisational and individual commitment to providing support to populations affected by the conflict was praised. A main area for improvement relates to impact and effectiveness, where MSF is encouraged to make better use of quality standards tools and protocols. Additional recommendations point towards a need for improved monitoring of performance through systematic use of log frame and indicator tracking tables. Several other key issues are lifted by the findings of this evaluation, which can be assimilated into the work of MSF in future interventions.

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Christine Bousquet
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