EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BOOKLET: Evaluation of MSF-OCB Thyolo Handover, Malawi (2011 Q2 – 2013 Q4)

This evaluation takes stock of the two and a half year handover process that started in June 2011. The evaluation highlights both the operational strengths and weaknesses and identifies areas for improvement. The work aims to inform the replicability of the handover tools and approach. The evaluation finds that, at patient level, there has been no impact on the continuity of care and that gives a good indication of a sustainable and smooth take over by MoH. Added to this the report finds that, by having a participative hand over, MSF has increased MoH ownership, and 100% of the interviewees, including the patients, mentioned that MoH will be able to continue care at the end of the handover. There were however areas of concern, mainly related to the application of the management and handover tools in use. In order to avoid confusion, the report urges MSF in future projects to clearly formulate in summary form the different handover alternatives, the handover strategy, and the tools to be used. In addition the report recommends that a paragraph on exit strategy be included in the Annual Project Document to ensure the exit is considered from the outset. There are 4 other key recommendations listed by the evaluation. See Full Report or Executive Summary Booklet for more details.

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Stockholm Evaluation Unit
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