EXECUTIVE SUMMARY BOOKLET: Evaluation of the Martissant Intervention, Haiti, MSFOCB (FR)

*Note: This is the executive summary of the report including a matrix of the findings and recommendations. This evaluation contributes to the debate around the OCB Martissant intervention following the proposed closure and resulting decision to scale down in 2013. The report concludes that the context remains similar to that of the beginning therefore the intervention is still as relevant as it was in 2006 however the evaluation questions the suitability of OCB's country wide strategy in Haiti, urging a focus towards the most vulnerable and marginalised urban populations, rather than towards the general needs of the population. The evaluation suggests that the initial approach was perhaps not exclusively needs driven, and "reflects a top-down prioritisation of tertiary and secondary facilities at the expense of primary and front-line strategies". The evaluation alludes to a way forward for the project, highlighting that the key challenge for OCB now is“right-sizing” and focusing on populations in danger of being left behind. Many other interesting and relevant findings are brought up by this evaluation, which can be assimilated into the work of MSF in future interventions.
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Stockholm Evaluation Unit
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