External Evaluation: Training Programme of Nurse Anesthetists in Cange, Haiti


In 1985 a small clinic, Clinique Bon Sauveur, was established in Cange which is located in the central region of Haiti. Partners in Health (PIH) was created 2 years later (1987) in Boston, USA, and with its national arm Zanmi Lasante, it is the Organization responsible for the coordination of the Cange project. Cange became the first project of PIH, which presently coordinates 12 projects in Haiti, all in partnership with the Ministry of Health. The hospital offers free medical care to the community and its catchment area covers approximately 1.2 million people. In response to rising demand for anaesthetists, MSF OCB launched a training programme in partnership with the Ministry of Health and PIH. This evaluation was conducted to assess the success of the course, in particular in terms of the course content, the positive/negative aspects of the course, and the impact of MSF's contribution.

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Lucia Aleixo
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