Medical Innovations in Humanitarian Situations. The work of Médecins Sans Frontières

Through a series of case studies, the authors reflect on how medical aid workers dealt with the incongruity of practicing conventional evidence-based medicine in contexts that require unconventional approaches.

1. Innovation?

2. MSF “Satellites”: A Strategy Underlying Different Medical Practices

3. Epicentre: Measure, Analyze, Publish, and Innovate (Emmanuel Baron)

4. Controversy as a Policy

5. Cholera: Diagnosis and Treatment Outside the Hospital

6. Meningitis: From Practitioner to Prescriber

7. Human African Trypanosomiasis: Moving Beyond Arsenic

8. Malaria: Introducing ACT from Asia to Africa

9. AIDS: A New Pandemic Leading to New Medical and Political Practices

10. Contributions by Médecins Sans Frontières to Changes in Transnational

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edited by Jean-Hervé Bradol and Claudine Vidal
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