Mid-Term Evaluation - Support to tertiary MCH hospital - Najaf, Southern Iraq

The evaluation of the OCBA project in the al-Zahara hospital analyzes the relevancy and effectiveness of the intervention and looks at the actions taken to ensure the continuity of its achievements in the future. It also looks at the proximity of the MSF team to the beneficiaries and the level of understanding of the context. It focuses on the particularities of working in a tertiary hospital in a Middle-East country, which is very different from the usual African context. High level of cultural sensitivity is needed and special approach to training and couching practices of the local staff, which are often highly educated overseas. The report offers recommendations on improving the cooperation with the hospital management and the Ministry of Health and increasing the accountability to the beneficiaries. It also proposes to engage in outreach activities in order to increase the impact to the population.

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Caterina Monti
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