MSF-OCP Review-Debate, Mental Health Project, Naplus/West Bank, June 2014

MSF OCP Field Coordinators requested this review in order to clarify the future perspectives related to this long term mission with stakeholders and field visits in West Bank; it allowed to confirm the relevance of working in Palestinian Occupied territories (PoT), but future operational objectives need to be reconsidered and adapted to the on-going context in West bank, such as areas of intervention or target populations (analyses were based on main historical events over time and operational response, MSF and Partners - EU/Echo invited - NGOs met on the spot). Strategies related to such psycho-medico-socio-mental health care project in PoT were questionned and major box recommendations/reflections were summarized (evaluators' key questions were adressed to a selected group of stakeholders). Proposed: emphasis on more integrated psychiatric care and training, eventually with some local capacity building; new areas of intervention, revision of communication strategy. A major part of the debate concerned human rights issues and MSF positioning / Israel pressure in West Bank, as well as MSF necessary communication and lobbying strategies (i.e. when Israeli military forces or settlers occupation affect MSF's daily support work to palestinian beneficiairies for instance). MSF OCBA also being present in West bank, with an integrated project with MOH, this has to be taken into account as well.

Document Author(s)
Claire Beuzelin, Vincent Brown
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