Providing Comprehensive Health Care in a Slum-setting: External Evaluation of MSFOCB’s Kibera Project

This evaluation finds that the Kibera Project has had a tremendous impact at the patient, community and policy level. Additionally, the report points out that the decentralisation of health services at the primary health care level has been a core tenet of the project as it has evolved from a vertical HIV/AIDS programme to a multi-clinic operation offering comprehensive health care. Related to the handover, the evaluation describes a generally positive and well supported outlook, pointing to MSF’s strong stakeholder partnerships and MoH ownership of the KSHC (Kibera South Health Centre) project, as well as the handover experience within the MSF team as some of key strengths. Conversely, there remain concerns over MoH ownership of the Silanga Clinic leading to the recommendation that MSF considers closing this project. Additionally, the evaluation recommends that MSF capitalise on its credibility by advocating for needs based distribution of county health resources to ensure Kibera receives adequate resources to meet the needs of the population.

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Samuel Hall Consulting on behalf of Stockholm Evaluation Unit
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