Review of the new coordination set-up in Haiti, Chatuley hospital, Leogane

Following the earthquake in 2010 and the emergency response that ensued, MSF-OCG took the decision to invest in a hospital in the Leogane area that was for several years the biggest hospital managed by MSF-OCG. Given that for the last three years this was the only MSF-OCG project in the country, that the capital is located only two hours from the hospital and that there is a strategic ambition within MSF-OCG to review mission set-ups, OCG and the field teams determined that 2013 was an opportune time to review the Haiti mission. The new set-up saw the reduction of size and configuration of the coordination team in the capital. In addition to the new management set-up, the operational Cell responsible for Haiti decided to phase out the hospital by the end of 2015. On a more practical level, the changes to the set-up comprised all aspects of coordination and governance; communication flow, decision making lines, reporting system and job descriptions to give a few examples. This is the first of a two-phased approach to the evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the new set-up. The overall objective of the review is to reassure stakeholders of the feasibility of such a model, and to extrapolate lessons learnt for use in other missions that attempt a new set-up. The main objective of this portion of the review is to assess the functioning of the new set-up and propose corrective measures and/or recommendations for improvement. The second phase is proposed for April 2015.

Haiti - Leogane container hospital
Emilie Régnier
Chatuley Hospital Delivery room, maternity service
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Evaluator: Annie Desilets
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