Strategic Review CAMINO (EN/ES) April-July 2022

A new vsion, strategy and governance
 Juan Carlos Tomasi
Juan Carlos Tomasi

When CAMINO was launched in March 2018, partners shared an excitement at the prospect of contributing something truly “new” and “innovative” in MSF. The core idea centered on blending institutional support (fundraising, HR, etc.), Ops support and management, and Associative involvement in a single integrated office, working across OC lines, and in accordance to an agreed set of principles. 

The strategic review is designed to support the coming discussions on the future of CAMINO. This Report gathers findings and analysis (Section II) and then sets out further questions and issues to be addressed in mapping out CAMINO’s future. The Report breaks down findings and analysis into five areas.

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David Curtis, Marc DuBois
Managed by the Vienna Evaluation Unit
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