Technical Evaluation of 4 MSF container hospitals in Haiti, 2010-2012

After the 12 January 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, 4 MSF sections (OCG, OCA, OCP and OCB) decided to build container hospitals to respond to the health care needs (including Léogâne). All of these prefabricated structures, though varying in quality, were unique in that they were partially or completely built from modular containers (with different architectural designs). Construction was done by subcontractors, MSF teams trained in construction, or a combination of the two. The overall objectives of the evalation were to capitalize on the four MSF container hospitals (PaP and Léogâne) built following the 10 January 2010 earthquake, and compare the technical choices that were made.

Document Author(s)
Monique Lathelize, Marie-Laure Le Coconnier, Julien Bégou
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