Evaluation of MSF Reaction Assessment Collaboration Hub – The REACH Project

The evaluation on the REaction Assessment Collaboration Hub (REACH) Project piloted by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was held between December 2020 and March 2021 and was commissioned by the Head of Operations Support Unit (OSU) of the Hong Kong (HK) section of MSF. 

The objective of this evaluation was to assess the value of the REACH platform and project. The objective of the evaluation was not to decide if REACH should be continued or not. 

The evaluation was designed to answer three evaluation questions: what functional value does the REACH platform have when considering both the operational needs and the use of the platform? What is the structural value of the REACH platform when considering reliability, efficiency, security, and maintainability? What were the main determinants of success for the REACH project and how could they be taken into consideration in the future?


Document Author(s)
Arie Ratna Agustien, Yos Maryo Malole, Dwi Aini Bestari and Farid Julianto (of SAVICA), and Aisvarya Adeseye
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