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Evaluation of MSF-OCA's Mission to Uzbekistan, 2011…

Joost Van der Meer
Médecins sans Frontières Operational Centre Amsterdam (MSF OCA) has been working in Uzbekistan from the beginning of 1998 with a profile 
of running vertical, specialised medical projects, sometimes on a very advanced technical level. MSF runs its programme in close collaboration with the relevant institutes within the Uzbek Ministry of Health (MoH). MSF in Uzbekistan mainly works through the MoH in an advisory and supportive capacity.
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Staff perceptions after the re-organisation of…

OCB ops
MSF image Bank
The Overall Objective, as outlined in the ToR is: “to assess to what extent the 2020 reorganisation of the Medical Network (from hereinafter called Network) has improved initial reasonsfor change (individual and collective needs of the medical network), if it has enabled more efficient collaboration and strategic sparring between OCBA departments and Regional Units, and how it is responding to patients and communities medical-humanitarian needs in MSF field operations”
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MSF-USA’S COVID-19 Evaluation of Seven Projects

Ali Lapetina (MSF 2020)
The intervention in the US was a response to the COVID-19 pandemic in seven locations: New York, Puerto Rico, the Pueblos, Navajo Nation, Florida, Michigan,
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Evaluation of Eshowe HIV Project

MSF Evaluation Share Image
Since 2011, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) have been supporting the Government of South Africa’s efforts to “bend the HIV epidemic curves downwar
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Evaluation of MSF Reaction Assessment Collaboration…

The evaluation on the REaction Assessment Collaboration Hub (REACH) Project piloted by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was held between December 2020 and Marc
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Evaluation of MSF-OCB’S Malaria Project in Bili, DRC

Vincenzo Livieri
This evaluation aims at assessing the Bili project in DRC, since its start in July 2017 until its closure in November 2019. The evaluation focuses on reviewi
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Evaluation of the EMR Deployment in Kabinda HIV…

Pablo Garrigos
MSF-OCB requested the Stockholm Evaluation Unit to conduct the evaluation of the introduction of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in Kabinda HIV Hospital (
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MSF IN AFGHANISTAN Evaluation of the single…

Since MSF’s return to Afghanistan in 2009, its operations on the ground have been monitored with a spyglass, unlike any other mission in this kind of e
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MSF OCB Bureaucratisation Review (2017)

In 2015 MSF-OCB launched a review to assess the perception, by the field teams, of an increased organisational “bureaucratic” burden. The review
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MSF OCB Field Opportunity Envelope Review (2017)

In November 2015, MSF-OCB launched a pilot initiative, the Field Opportunity Envelope (FOE), with the objective to give autonomy to field staffs to rapidly a
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