Evaluation of the EMR Deployment in Kabinda HIV Hospital in Kinshasa, DRC (2018)

MSF-OCB requested the Stockholm Evaluation Unit to conduct the evaluation of the introduction of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in Kabinda HIV Hospital (CHK), in Kinshasa, DRC. An EMR is a digital patient record gathering patient history and medical data. In CHK situation, the deployment of the EMR solution aims at improving medical data process and flow inside the hospital in order to ease caregivers daily work and provide better medical care in IPD and OPD. It has been developed and deployed on site by MSF OCB as a response to the project field’s need to better organise their activities of care delivery in a HIV context where the number of patients is increasing and patient care getting more and more complex. This EMR has been deployed in Kinshasa as a pilot project from December 2017 to September 2018.

The findings and recommendations of the present evaluation should pave the way to adjustments before a second pilot in Egypt and a rollout in MSF hospitals in 2019.

The evaluation has been responded to in a management response by a member of the Consultation Group.

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