A critique of MSF France Operation in Darfur (Sudan)

In September 2004, the Board of MSF-France decided to undertake a critique of the section’s operations in Darfur in 2003 and 2004. According to the terms of reference, the aim was less to ‘evaluate’ our intervention than to subject it to a critical examination which would enable us to “identify our weaknesses and the ways in which they can be corrected”. It addresses the following issues:

  • RELEVANCE. Had we sought to assist the most affected population (those whose life was the most at risk)? On what interpretations of the crisis and our responsibilities did we base our strategy? In retrospect, was the strategy well-grounded?
  • EFFECTIVENESS. Did we actually manage to aid the individuals and groups targeted? In what way (through what activities) and in what proportions (quantitative data)? 
  • EFFICIENCY. Did the operation benefit from adequate operational support (were the appropriate resources mobilized; was there sufficient understanding between field and headquarters, etc.)?
Document Author(s)
Dr. Corinne Danet, Sophie Delaunay, Dr. Evelyne Depoortere, Fabrice Weissman
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