A compilation and mapping related to the unrest in Northern Africa and the Middle East 2011. Updated version September 2011

Since civil unrest and violence erupted in countries across Northern Africa and the Middle East (referred as NAME in the document) teams from the five MSF OCs (Operational Centres) have been assisting the populations. OCB has mainly been active in Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and Italy (Lampedusa with the influx of migrants from the Northern African regions). Activities and challenges have varied from one context to another. The overall aim of the mapping/compilation is to describe all of OCB’s activities from January to August 2011, in relation to the unrests. The document will specifically look at OCB’s activities and briefly at MSF’s activities in general in Egypt, Bahrain and Libya. It will also provide an overview of the political and humanitarian development in the region. A second chapter is added to this updated version, looking at some challenges - today andin the future for MSF. The document is intended to serve as a support for internal discussions on future strategies in the region. It should also serve as a key document for OCB’s institutional memory related to these operations.

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David Crémoux
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