Evaluation of Clinical Mentoring in MSF’s NCD Project in Embu, Kenya

In March 2017, MSF-OCB in collaboration with the Division of Non-Communicable Diseases and the Embu county Ministry of Health (MoH), started in Embu county a project aimed at reducing mortality and morbidity linked to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). This project includes a strong component on reinforcing the skills and competencies of the care providers and Clinical Mentoring has been chosen as the learning implementation strategy. The mentoring activities within this project are being implemented based on the current MSF mentoring framework (described in the MSF “Clinical Mentoring Program Guide”) and focuses on developing MoH clinical staff; nurses and clinical officers, as well as community health volunteers.

This framework has never been evaluated in a clinical setting within any MSF field project and an evaluation was commissioned to explore the implementation process and its outputs as the project develops. It is also available in abbreviated version (both linked here above). 

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Dr Paul Stokes
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