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Evaluation du programme d'incitation basé sur la…

 CAR : A Forgotten Health Emergency
MSF/Julien Dewarichet
MSF OCB a soutenu la mise en œuvre d'un système de primes basé sur la performance (PBI pour performance based incentive) à l'hôpital de Bangassou, à partir de 2022.L’évaluation avait trois objectifs principaux: documenter la manière dont le système d'incitation basé sur les performances a été conçu et mis en place à l'hôpital de Bangassou ; identifier si les principaux objectifs du système de primes basé sur les performances ont été atteints ; et
déterminer ce qui a fonctionné et quels sont les domaines nécessitant des améliorations.
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Evaluation of MSF Operational Centre Brussels'…

Close-up of a person wearing an MSF t-shirt with a stethoscope hanging around his neck (where the photo is cut so no face is visible)
Sebastian Bolesch (MSF-GE 2015)
The Field Recentralization Programme’s design, implementation and outcomes was the focus of the evaluation commissioned by OCB’s General Director and Director of Operations based on the work completed in Central and Southern Africa. A consultation group representing the Regional Support Groups in the Southern African Region and Central Afrixa, Middle-Eastern countries, catalyst team and OCB Board accompanied the evaluation.

The evaluation was implemented by an evaluation team led by Amjad Idries and managed by the SEU. Recommendations focused on suggestions that could enhance the programme design and implementation in the next phase, looking at, amongst other areas: Leadership, Governance, and Oversight; Programme implementation guidance and communication; and Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation. Download the full report below in English or the translated version in French. 
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Evaluation of MSF Academy for Healthcare’s Basic…

Hands holding certificate from MSF Academy
Florence Miettaux
This evaluation focuses on the basic clinical nursing care (BCNC) training initiative implemented by the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Academy in Kenema, Sierra Leone since 2020 and in Old Fangak (OFG), South Sudan since 2021. The evaluation specifically covers the first implementation of BCNC in these locations to the point of the graduation of the first cohort of nurses in May/June 2022. The specific stated purpose of the evaluation was to assess the value of the BCNC programme in Kenema and OFG. Ultimately key stakeholders wanted to know which results the BCNC has achieved, if they are worth the investment and if potential adaptations could increase the value of the BCNC. 
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Briefing and Debriefing of International Staff in…

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The various surveys and evaluations carried out on briefings (BG) and debriefings (DG) have shown that the current system of BG/DG was inadequate. This was partly because of the growing number of recruits on international contracts (expatriates) and has resulted in an increase in briefings and debriefings.
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Evaluation of Clinical Mentoring in MSF’s NCD…

In March 2017, MSF-OCB in collaboration with the Division of Non-Communicable Diseases and the Embu county Ministry of Health (MoH), started in Embu county a
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Symphony human resource programme

In 2010, the Symphony Programme commenced with the aim of providing MSF with one harmonised human resource information system (HRIS). In 2011, a request for
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Review of IRFFG implementation in Haiti, 2016

In May 2016, concerns were raised at OCB HQ about the potential underestimation of the general IRFFG implementation costs. The OCB mission in Haiti had to re
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Assessment of MSF International Remuneration System…

The review of the IRP2 system was conducted from February to September 2017 with the goal to measure the relevance, effectiveness, appropriateness, and conne
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Humanitarian health assistance course evaluation:…

In 2013, MSF Sweden contracted a third-party service provider to set up a medical course known as Humanitarian Health Assistance (HHA). HHA is targeted at do
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National Staff Harmonization: Lesson Learned Report…

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The Project for National Staff Remuneration Harmonization is rooted in a 2-year project aimed at developing a common policy for MSF, covering
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