Review of IRFFG implementation in Haiti, 2016

In May 2016, concerns were raised at OCB HQ about the potential underestimation of the general IRFFG implementation costs. The OCB mission in Haiti had to retroactively disburse an unbudgeted 1.33M€ of severance pay to their staff, more than a year after the IRFFG implementation in the country. The OCB HR director requested this review of the implementation process in Haiti in order to document the lessons learned, to mitigate future negative operational consequences of implementation, and to improve capacity for future implementation in other contexts, and of other international/inter-sectional HR tools. OCA and OCP, the two other OCs presents in Haiti agreed to participate in this review.

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This publication was produced at the request of OCB, under the management of the Stockholm Evaluation Unit. It was prepared independently by Yves Sonnay.
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