Evaluation of DGD-funded projects Guinea, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe (2014-2016), 2017

Optimizing HIV, TB and NCD treatment in five sub-saharan countries.

MSF OCB has been providing HIV care and supporting MoH HIV programs across Southern, Eastern and Western Africa since 1999.MSF’s long-term objective is to achieve policy and health system change. The short-term objective is to deliver care and treatment while controlling the attrition along the treatment cascade. Routine viral load monitoring combined with differentiated models of care have been at the heart of its strategy.This evaluation was commissioned by the Belgian General Directorate for Development (DGD). It focuses on assessing the treatment cascade, viral load monitoring and differentiated models of care, alongside the impact of MSF's advocacy efforts.

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This publication was produced at the request of MSF OCB, under the management of the Stockholm Evaluation Unit. It was prepared independently by Catherine Lalonde and Joost van der Meer.
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