Evaluation of the added value, benefits, challenges and risks of the MSF-UNITAID collaboration

MSF has received UNITAID grants since 2013. For several financial, operational and opportunistic reasons, the opportunity and adequacy of receiving funds from UNITAID was questioned by the MSF medical and operational directors. In October 2014 the MedOp platform took a decision not to seek any further UNITAID funding for a one-year period-ending in October 2015. This evaluation was commissioned in order to inform the revision of the UNITAID collaboration, provide recommendations for the maximization of benefits of the remaining grant time (HIV grant) and for the maximization of internal processes and intersectional cooperation.

Document Author(s)
This evaluation was conducted by Nicole Henze on behalf of the Stockholm Evaluation Unit of MSF. Finalised in November 2015.

This publication was produced at the request of MSF MedOp, under the management of the Stockholm Evaluation Unit. It was prepared independently by Nicole Henze.
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