Evaluation of the « Pool d’Urgence Congo » Project, MSFOCB, DRC (EN)

The evaluation of the PUC (Congo Emergency Pool/ Pool D’urgence Congo) finds that the project, as a full epidemiological surveillance, assessment and response system is extraordinarily well structured, having developed both a technically sound complex methodology and working tools, with a capacity for reacting to epidemiological outbursts very swiftly and effectively. It also finds that there is no other international or national organisation with such impressive medical expertise and response capacity within the context. The report concludes that is a firmly settled information network and reliable alert detection system, and is the defacto medical NGO of reference in emergencies in DRC. It concludes further that PUC has a very high quality to its medical approach, and that it offers an outstanding return in terms of impact and lives saved. The report also highlights some areas for improvements, such as: staff shortages, follow-up from MSFOCB national coordination and headquarters; an understaffed pharmacy with shortages; and an unreliable emergency supply delivery system.

Document Author(s)
Juan Luis Domínguez-González
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