Evaluation report: Mundari hospital - Kajo Keji County, South Sudan

MSF-CH did rehabilitate the Mundari hospital in Kajo Keji County (KKC) and did support the existing OPD from September 1997 onward. Environmental- and political factors and an estimated high HIV prevalence did lead to the decision to implement the first time an integrated HIV/AIDS component (2005). Towards the end of the project it was decided that the handover process, as well as the HIV integrated approach and the capacity build during the last 9 years of presence in KKC should be evaluated. The purpose of the evaluation was defined as to “learn lessons” from the HIV integration approach into a hospital setting, handover process and to understand the conditions and the capacity necessary to manage a complete hospital (e.g. operational environment, training and staff requirements) in the field setting, which required a review over the past years.

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