Evaluation report on the Drug-Resistant TB Programme in Shabunda South Kivu District, DRC

In May 2007 MSF-OCA integrated the drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) treatment programme into the horizontal primary and secondary health care programme at Shabunda, located in South Kivu District of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The three patients were started on the DR-TB treatment on 17th May 2007. MSF closed the project by the end of 2007, but continued taking responsibility for the treatment of the three DR-TB patients through remote supervision by providing medical, laboratory and social support. One Ministry of Health (MOH) nurse and one MOH doctor took direct responsibility for providing medical care and adherence support on a daily basis, and one MSF national doctor took the main responsibility of providing remote supervision and support by making a regular monthly visit to the field. All patients finished the treatment and the outcome has been defined as “completed” according to the definition in the WHO guideline for programmatic management of MDRTB, which is a successful outcome. The evaluation of the programme was conducted when all three patients had finished their treatment with the objective of documenting the lessons learnt from this project.

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