Evaluation Report on Remote Control Programmes in MSF (OCA & OCG)

The overall objective of the evaluation is to identify and describe factors and issues to consider when planning implementation or continuation of Remote Control Programmes (RCPs) as an alternative to cancelling Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) programme implementation in a particular region/ country. The evaluation describes how MSF identity (in terms of humanitarian and organisational principles) and the principle of medical relevance (in terms of medical effectiveness and quality standards) are compromised in the current RCPs managed by OCA in Russia (Chechnya), Pakistan (Kurram), Somalia (Galcayo, Marere) and by OCG in Somalia (Dinsor, Belet Weyne, Hawa Abdi). The evaluation has analysed the period of the past 3 years (2 years in the case of Somalia).

Document Author(s)
Martin Braaksma and Mzia Turashvili
Publication date