Final Report: Evaluation of Design and Build Process of MSF Health Facilities

In the past decade, the number and scope of construction projects undertaken by MSF have increased considerably, and projects have become technically complicated with higher budgets and requirements that are impacting the organisation’s limits. In response to these challenges, OCB operations introduced a revised manual entitled ‘Designing and Building Process for Health Facilities’ in May 2018 that serves as a reference for MSF teams on the ground and provides a roadmap for the processes of construction of facilities. Since 2018, MSF-OCB has undertaken over 19 construction projects within evaluation parameters, applying the lessons learned from the revision of the manual. This evaluation focuses on reviewing appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability of projects, stakeholders, and beneficiaries of the 19 construction projects, as well as relating these evaluation components to the projects’ outputs and intended outcomes.

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