Genesis of the South Korea Entity - a Milestone in MSF Growth and Development, MSF Japan & Switzerland

In 2008, the global economic crisis had raised fears of a serious decline in the fundraising resources of the Movement. As a consequence, mechanisms to strengthen solidarity between sections and operational centres (OCs) were set up and an assessment of fundraising potential was launched to understand trends and make income projections. The Fundraising Assessment of South Korea highlighted the strong potential for fundraising in a young and receptive society anxious to show to the world its shift from being a receiving country to becoming a donor one. The South Korean potential was further highlighted by a Comparative Study on New Markets, which explicitly suggested the start of fundraising activities in the country. Despite the initial doubts expressed by some IC and Movement members on this atypical joint venture between a partner section of MSF Paris and OCG, it was decided in December 2010 to formally launch the Korean Project.

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This publication was produced at the request of MSF Japan and OCG, under the management of the Vienna Evaluation Unit. It was prepared independently by Michèle Mercier and Maddalena Basevi.
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