Medication is like food - Perceived healthcare needs and access to healthcare

This report is the result of an anthropological assessment in South Sudan, in the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA). The report provides an analysis of the main healthcare needs and current access to healthcare of the population in the GPAA. The results section summarises their main health problems, how people experience and navigate their health-seeking behaviours and explore the scarce and unsatisfactory healthcare choices available to them, what alternative healthcare options exist, what the practices of traditional, complementary and alternative healthcare providers are, when, how and for what ill-health conditions they are consulted, and finally, what factors influence where people seek care. The main factor influencing health-seeking behaviour is the availability of healthcare facilities per se.

Document Author(s)
Doris Burtscher
Support: John Kaka, Barbour Chacha, Alyssia Ferrarese, André Moret, Livia Tampenilli, Jesse Verschuere
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