MSF Sweden: Innovation Project Evaluation - Learning how to "How"

This end of project cycle evaluation aimed at determining the Innovation Project’s relative value and contribution to the organization as well as providing recommendations towards the project’s future. The findings highlight the need for the Innovation Project to close the gap between the What (as in the need for innovation in MSF) and the How, as in how to achieve the expected results for the Project and meet the operational needs for innovation in MSF. Whilst the evaluation finds that stakeholders appreciate the methodology and process of the Innovation Project towards problem solving and innovation, at the same time it reflects the need for a less laborious process, which is linked to a lack of tangible outcomes – regarded as a handicap of the project. Using the immunity to change framework allowed for a deeper analysis on how existing mind-sets are blocking the system-wide innovation process as well as limiting Operational Centre buy-in. Ultimately however, the evaluation urges MSF Sweden to revisit the original objectives for creating the Project and see if these are still valid. The evaluation outlines practical recommendations to both the Swedish section as well as the Project itself in the event that MSF Sweden decides to continue with investment and support towards the Innovation Project.

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Stockholm Evaluation Unit
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