OCB Ebola Review (2016)

MSF OCB commissioned an extensive multi-sectoral critical review of its Ebola intervention. The summary report highlights key findings from all specific reports and draws global conclusions. Lessons have been identified both, for future large scale emergency responses as well as for a next Ebola response. Many of lessons identified are not entirely new, but their importance has been strongly accentuated by the extremity of this health crisis. Priority recommendations are listed in the summary report, while specific recommendations are made in the respective reports.

The sub-reviews covered medico-operational issues, human resource management, water and sanitation, supply, logistics, communications and advocacy, and governance. Key financial data on MSF’s response to the Ebola epidemic for the period between March 2014 and December 2015 have been reported outside this review. 

Watch a 3 minute animated historical overview of the Ebola outbreak and MSF’s intervention in West Africa:


Document Author(s)
The following persons have contributed to this report: Virginie Adams, Dr Marie-Pierre Allié, Pierre Beurrier, Murray Biedler, Elio de Bonis, Prof. Robert Colebunder, David Curtis, Gillian Dacey, Veronique de Clerck, Dr Javier Gabaldon, Xavier Henry, Francois Mounis and Veronica Sanchez.
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