OCB Meta-Evaluation of SEU Managed Evaluations 2017-2021

The Stockholm Evaluation Unit Steering Committee commissioned this meta-evaluation to assess the quality and value of past evaluations and produce useful processes and products to “maximiz[e] the strategic value of requesting, conducting and making use of [future] evaluations” at Operational Centre Brussels (OCB). 

It was designed to be an external and independent ex-post portfolio meta-evaluation. The meta-evaluation framework that served as a basis for analysis is a hybrid of the Program Evaluation Standards, the ALNAP Proforma, the UNEG Norms and Standards, and the SEU Evaluation Manifesto Quality Framework. Methods used for data collection were document review, key informant interviews, focus group discussion, online survey questionnaires, and participant observation. Checklist and numerical weight and sum methodologies were used for analysis and synthesis.

Definitions of evaluation quality at OCB are emerging and defensible. Evaluation quality at OCB is good to very good. Evaluation use at OCB is good. Outcomes of evaluation use are fair. The full extent of evaluation use and outcomes is still unknown. The OCB is receiving good value from the evaluation function. The evaluation system at OCB is well functioning and healthy. Findings and recommendations from this meta-evaluation provide OCB a roadmap for sustaining and improving quality and value.

Document Author(s)
Zach Tilton, Michael Harnar, and Tian Ford
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